EKS with ECR

Install awscli (Mac)

brew install awscli
aws --version

aws configure
AWS Access Key ID: ${Access key ID}
AWS Secret Access Key: ${Secret access key}
Default region name: ${region} // ap-northeast-2(seoul)
Default output format: json

Create ECR

1. go to https://console.aws.amazon.com/ecr/
2. choose to get started.
3. choose tag immutability
4. scan on push

Login ECR with awscli

After you have installed and configured the AWS CLI, authenticate the Docker CLI to your default registry. That way, the docker command can push and pull images with Amazon ECR. The AWS CLI provides a get-login-password command to simplify the authentication process.
To authenticate Docker to an Amazon ECR registry with get-login-password, run the aws ecr get-login-password command. When passing the authentication token to the docker login command, use the value AWS for the username and specify the Amazon ECR registry URI you want to authenticate to. If authenticating to multiple registries, you must repeat the command for each registry.


aws ecr get-login-password --region ap-northeast-2 | docker login --username AWS --password-stdin 713814976737.dkr.ecr.ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com

Create a Repository

repository name: k8s-board-fe, k8s-board-api

aws ecr create-repository \ --repository-name k8s-board-fe \ --image-scanning-configuration scanOnPush=true \ --region ap-northeast-2
aws ecr create-repository \ --repository-name k8s-board-api \ --image-scanning-configuration scanOnPush=true \ --region ap-northeast-2
  • Seoul: ap-northeast-2

Docker Push

docker build -t 713814976737.dkr.ecr.ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com/k8s-board-fe:v1 .
docker push 713814976737.dkr.ecr.ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com/k8s-board-fe:v1

docker build -t 713814976737.dkr.ecr.ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com/k8s-board-api:v1 .
docker push 713814976737.dkr.ecr.ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com/k8s-board-api:v1

Create & Delete EKS cluster

create a dev cluster

eksctl create cluster --name dev --version 1.16 --region ap-northeast-2 --nodegroup-name standard-workers --node-type t2.small --nodes 2 --nodes-min 1 --nodes-max 2 --managed

delete a dev cluster

eksctl delete cluster --name=dev

scale up or down

eksctl scale nodegroup --cluster dev --name standard-workers --nodes 1

Create Namespace

kubectl create namespace api
kubectl create namespace front
kubectl create namespace db


kubectl apply -f https://projectcontour.io/quickstart/contour.yaml

dev-eks or prod-eks

skaffold dev -f skaffold.yaml -p eks -t v1
skaffold run -f skaffold.yaml -p eks -t v1

Available pod at EKS

kubectl get nodes -o yaml | grep pods

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces | grep Running | wc -l

EKS price

You pay $0.10 per hour for each Amazon EKS cluster that you create

EC2 price (work nodes)

NamevCPUsRAM (GiB)CPU Credits/hrOn-Demand Price/hr*1-yr Reserved Instance Effective Hourly*3-yr Reserved Instance Effective Hourly*
  • $0.1 * 24 = $2.4
  • $0.023 * 24 = $0.552

= $2.952


Region: Asia Pacific (Seoul)

Data Transfer IN
All data transfer in$0.00 per GB
Data Transfer OUT **
Up to 1 GB / Month$0.00 per GB
Next 9.999 TB / Month$0.126 per GB
Next 40 TB / Month$0.122 per GB
Next 100 TB / Month$0.117 per GB
Greater than 150 TB / Month$0.108 per GB

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