Kafka vs RabbitMQ vs ActiveMQ

Starting Year201120072003
ArchitectureDistributed real-time streaming platform General purpose message broker, based around message queues.JMS based specification Java messaging system 
Ordering GuaranteesGuarantees, Support strict orderingGuarantees, Support strict ordering Not Guarantees, Only Guarantees Data transfer
Event ReplySupportNot SupportNot Support
RetentionPeriod of timeAs soon as the consumer picks up that messageAs soon as the consumer picks up that message
Operation ComplexityHighlower than Kafkalower than Kafka
Advantage*Good for Streaming platform
* High performance & ScalabilityScale (typically beyond 5 brokers)
* Easy to get StartedWeb UI* It’s easier to implement advanced scenario
* Web UI
Disadvantages* Ordering guarantee is only within a partition not across the topic* No Native Steaming: use case( needed external store)Scaling brokers* Not support Advanced feature such as strict message order or exactly-once delivery. 

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