Type Coercion

What is type coercion?

Type coercion is the process of converting a value from one type to another type. (such as string to number). 

It is something like this one equals to string one with double equals.

console.log(1 == "1");

That is number and string type one of them will be converted into an equivalent value by the JavaScript engine.

Do all languages have type coercion?

Yes, they do because we always need to covert types between programs to do things. In memory, different types look completely different than what we type. The number 8 in actual physical memory on the computer is represented in 1 to 0. Thus, all languages do this. It just so happens that JavaScript has an especially heavy type coercion in nature to it because it is dynamically type.

In JavaScript type coercion does not happen just with the quals sign

if (1) {
    console.log("one is true")

console.log(-0 === +0);
console.log(Object.is(-0, +0));
console.log(NaN === NaN);
console.log(Object.is(NaN, NaN));
one is true
  • JavaScript Type coercion one equal true.

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