Install Minikube with Cilium CNI on Mac


Install Cilium on your Minikube

Prerequisite (K8S with CNI)

  1. Install Minikube with brew
  2. Check the version of Minikube
  3. Start minikube with --network-plugin
  4. Install cilium
  5. Check cilium version
  6. Deploy cilium cni to Minikube

1. Install minikube on Mac with brew

$ brew install minikube

2. Check the version of Minikube

$ minikube version

minikube version: v1.25.1
commit: 3e64b11ed75e56e4898ea85f96b2e4af0301f43d

3. Start minikube with –network-plugin

$ minikube start --network-plugin=cni --cni=false

If you want to specify cpus, memory and driver(hyperkit), the sample as blew.

$ minikube start --cpus 2 --memory 4096 --driver=hyperkit -p minikube --network-plugin=cni

😄 minikube v1.25.1 on Darwin 12.1

✨ Using the hyperkit driver based on user configuration


4. Install cilium on Mac

curl -L --remote-name-all{,.sha256sum}
shasum -a 256 -c cilium-darwin-amd64.tar.gz.sha256sum
sudo tar xzvfC cilium-darwin-amd64.tar.gz /usr/local/bin
rm cilium-darwin-amd64.tar.gz{,.sha256sum}

5. Check cilium version

$ cilium version

cilium-cli: v0.10.3 compiled with go1.17.7 on darwin/amd64
cilium image (default): v1.11.1
cilium image (stable): v1.11.1
cilium image (running): unknown. Unable to obtain cilium version, no cilium pods found in namespace "kube-system"

6. Deploy cilium cni to Minikube

$ cilium install
🔮 Auto-detected Kubernetes kind: minikube

✨ Running "minikube" validation checks

✅ Detected minikube version "1.25.1"

ℹ️ using Cilium version "v1.11.1"

🔮 Auto-detected cluster name: minikube

🔮 Auto-detected IPAM mode: cluster-pool

🔮 Auto-detected datapath mode: tunnel
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