Nexus on npm & yarn proxy repository


Nexus for npm & yarn local repository.

Setting up on Mac

  1. Install Nexus on Mac with brew
  2. Login
  3. Create Repository (npm & yarn)
  4. Developer Setting

Install Nexus on Mac

brew install nexus
nexus version
# Server: Nexus/3.30.0-01 (OSS)


  • Default id : admin
// Default Password
cat /usr/local/var/nexus/admin.password

npm (proxy) Repository

repositories – create repository – npm(proxy)

  • Name: npm-central
  • Remote storage:

Developer Setting (Set Config)

npm config set registry http://localhost:8081/repository/npm-central/
npm config list

# test
npm install npmrc -g

yarn (proxy) Repository

repositories – create repository – npm(proxy)

Developer Setting (Set Config)

yarn config set registry http://localhost:8081/repository/yarn-central/
yarn config list

# test
yarn global add npmrc

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