Application Failure in Kubernetes

This is a basic error handling with one web application and one database.

  1. Users << 2. web-app-service << 3. web-app-pod << 4. db-service << 5. db-pod

When users can reach the web application, the failure reason can be every object and link.

Error: Users report some issue with accessing the application

  1. Check the web server is accessible on the IP of the node-port using curl.
    • http://web-app-service-ip:node-port
  2. Check the service and pod which are web-app-service and web-app-pod
kubectl describe service web-app-service
kubectl describe pod web-app-pod
  • Make sure selector and labels are matched.

3. Check the pod, web-app-pod, is running status

kubectl get pod
kubectl describe pod web-app-pod
kubectl logs web-app-pod

4. Check the status of the db-service

kubectl describe service db-service

5. Check the pod, db-pod, is running status

kubectl get pod
kubectl describe pod db-pod
kubectl logs db-pod

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