Network requirements

Ensure that your hosts and firewalls allow the necessary traffic based on your configuration.

ConfigurationHost(s)Connection typePort/protocol
Calico networking (BGP)AllBidirectionalTCP 179
Calico networking with IP-in-IP enabled (default)AllBidirectionalIP-in-IP, often represented by its protocol number 4
Calico networking with VXLAN enabledAllBidirectionalUDP 4789
Calico networking with Typha enabledTypha agent hostsIncomingTCP 5473 (default)
flannel networking (VXLAN)AllBidirectionalUDP 4789
Allkube-apiserver hostIncomingOften TCP 443 or 6443*
etcd datastoreetcd hostsIncomingOfficially TCP 2379 but can vary

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