Open Source: PlantUML

PlantUML is an open-source tool allowing users to create UML diagrams from a plain text language. The language of PlantUML is an example of a Domain-specific language. It uses Graphviz software to lay out its diagrams. It has been used to allow blind students to work with UML.

You can draw with PlantUML

The following non-UML diagrams are also supported:

PlantUML is a very powerful tool with VS Code. VS Code has PlatUML extension.

You just type the code for making those diagram.


C -> JavaScript: move

Open-source UML tool

NameCreatorPlatform / OSFirst public releaseLatest stable releaseOpen sourceSoftware licenseProgramming language used
ArgoUMLTigris.orgCross-platform (Java)1998-042011-12-15[1]YesEPLJava, C++ (as module)
Free software community
Cross-platform (Java)Unknown2020-06-22 (4.2.1)[4]YesEPLJava
DiaAlexander Larsson/GNOME OfficeCross-platform (GTK+)1998-08-31[8]2014-09-05 (v0.97.3)[9]YesGPLC
Eclipse UML2 Tools[10]Eclipse FoundationCross-platform (Java)20072020-03-02 (v5.5.1)[11]YesEPL[12]Java
JetUMLMartin P. RobillardCross-platform (Java)2015-01-232020-09-03 (v3.0.1)[15]YesGPLJava
ModelioModeliosoft (SOFTEAM Group)Windows, Linux, macOS20092020-02-03 (4.0.1)[19]YesCore tool: GPL, Extensions: Apache License[20]Java[21]
NClassBalazs TihanyiWindows, macOS, Linux, Unix2006-10-152019-09-27 (v2.7.0)[23]YesGPL[24]C#[25]
NetBeans[26]Oracle CorporationWindows, macOS, Linux, Unix19962013-02-21YesCDDL or GPL2Java
Open ModelSphereGranditeCross-platform (Java)2002-022009-11-04YesGPLJava
PapyrusCommissariat à l’Énergie AtomiqueAtos OriginWindows, Linux, macOS (Java)2013-06-272020-06 (v4.8.0)[27]YesEPLJava
PlantUMLArnaud RoquesCross-platform (Java)2009-04-172020-06-28 (v1.2020.15)[28]YesGPLJava
Umbrello UML ModellerUmbrello TeamUnix-like; Windows2003-01-24[31]2020-08-20 (v2.32)[32]YesGPLC++, KDE
UML DesignerObeoWindows, macOS, Linux20122019-01-30 (v9.0.0)[33]YesEPLJava, Sirius
UMLetThe UMLet TeamWindows, macOS, Linux2005-11-05[34]2018-08-05 (v14.3)[35]YesGPLJava
UmpleUniversity of OttawaCross-platform; Java/Eclipse20082020-07-23 (v1.30.0)[36]YesMIT LicenseJava, PHP, Javascript
WhiteStarUMLjanszpilewskiWindows 7-102011-12-182018-03-25 (v5.9.1)[38]YesGPL2Delphi

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