Replication in Kafka

Kafka is designed with fault tolerance in mind. As a result, it includes built-in support for replication.


Replication means storing multiple copies of any given piece of data.

In Kafka, every topic is given a configurable replication factor.

The replication factor is the number f replicas that will be kept on different brokers for each partition in the topic.

kubectl exec -it kafka-client -- --bootstrap-server osckorea-kafka-0.osckorea-kafka-headless:9092 --create --topic test-topic --partitions 3 --replication-factor 2
Created topic test-topic.

Create topic

  • name= test-topic
  • partitions 3
  • replication-factor 2
kubectl exec -it kafka-client -- --bootstrap-server osckorea-kafka-0.osckorea-kafka-headless:9092 --describe --topic test-topic
# Topic: test-topic	PartitionCount: 3	ReplicationFactor: 2	Configs: segment.bytes=1073741824
# Topic: test-topic	Partition: 0	Leader: 3	Replicas: 3,1	Isr: 3,1
#	Topic: test-topic	Partition: 1	Leader: 1	Replicas: 1,0	Isr: 1,0
#	Topic: test-topic	Partition: 2	Leader: 0	Replicas: 0,2	Isr: 0,2
  • Replicas: 3,1
  • Replicas: 1,0
  • Replicas: 0,2
    • is actually broker id so, which mean first partition is in broker three and broker one.
  • Leader: 3
  • Leader: 1
  • Leader: 0
    • is also broker id so, which mean first partition‘s leader is broker three


In order to ensure that messages in a partition are kept in a consistent order across all replicas, Kafka chooses a leader for each partition.

The leader handles all reads and writes for the partition. The leader is dynamically selected and if the leader goes down, the cluster attempts to choose a new leader election.

In-Sync Replicas

Kafka maintains a list of In-Sync Replicas (ISR) for each partition.

ISRs are replicas that are up-to-date with the leader. If a leader dies, the new leader is elected from among the ISRs.

By default, if there are no remaining ISRs when a leader dies, Kafka waits until one becomes available. This means that producers will be on hold until a new leader can be elected.

You can turn on unclean leader election, allowing the cluster to elect a non-in-sync replica in the scenario.

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