GKE with GCR

Google Kubernetes Engine

1. Create a GKE project

  • k8s-305606

2. kubernetes Engine enable
3. Install Google Cloud SDK and Choosing a shell

  • https://cloud.google.com/sdk/docs/install

After installing Cloud SDK, install the kubectl command-line tool by running the following command:

gcloud components install kubectl

4. Setting a default project

gcloud config set project k8s-305606
  • k8s-305606 (project Id)

5. Create cluster

gcloud config set compute/zone asia-northeast3gcloud container clusters create dev --num-nodes=2gcloud container clusters create prod --num-nodes=2

gcloud container clusters delete cluster-name
# gcloud container clusters delete dev


Create Namespace

kubectl create namespace api
kubectl create namespace front
kubectl create namespace db


kubectl apply -f https://projectcontour.io/quickstart/contour.yaml


skaffold run -f skaffold.yaml -p gke -t v1


gcloud services enable containerregistry.googleapis.com
gcloud auth configure-docker
gcloud components install docker-credential-gcr
docker-credential-gcr configure-docker
  • asia.gcr.io/k8s-305606/k8s-board-fe:v1
  • asia.gcr.io/k8s-305606/k8s-board-api:v1

GKE Price Kubernetes Engine API USD 0.10/hour

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